Lawrence County Historical Quarterly – 1983

Volume 6, Number 1

Oxford Don Meets His First Circuit Rider
Our First Description of Smithville
The Old Solomon School House
Early Settlers of Strawberry River Valley
Rev. Joseph G. Taylor
The Taylor Post Office and the Wilson Price Store
Bristow Mill
Smithville, Oldest Post Office in Lawrence County

Volume 6, Number 2

Historic Town (Smithville)
Families Who Settled Here During the First 50 Years
The Steadman Family
Four Pioneer Families -Taylors, Raneys, Fortenberrys and Finleys
Jasper N. Hillhouse
Smithville Played Great Part in Early County Development
The First Jail
The Old Red Court House
Second Murder in Lawrence County

Volume 6, Number 3

Lawrence County Landmark
John C. Bilbrey Family
The Amos Bratcher Family
Captain W. C Sloan
Jacob Ogden
Jones Mill
Memories of School Class of 1872
Pleasant Valley or “Squint Eye” School
Haw Grove School
Early Baptist Church

Volume 6, Number 4

December 1982 Flood
Flood is Most Damaging in History, Times Dispatch
Record High Waters Flood Sixty Homes, Ozark Journal
Spring River

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