Lawrence County Historical Quarterly – 1984

Volume 7, Number 1

A Lost Art
Hog Killin’ Time on the Henderson Farm
Old Time Haymaking
And they molded bricks and built buildings
The Way It Was, The Backup Pattern
Reminesences of Celeste
Back When, as told to me
Making Sorghum

Volume 7, Number 2

Trail of Tears
Settlements in Arkansas Territory
History of Smithville Lodge
Newspapers in Smithville
Civil War Rally
Richard Burris Bellamy
Dr. S. L. Fisher Family
History of Smithville Baptist Church

Volume 7, Number 3

Anthony, Dick Was Unique Character
Kendall, Jarrett W. Family
Last Roundup, Headin’ For the
Remembering First Trip to Jones Watermill
Smithville Methodist Church
Smithville School, History of
Stage Line Mail Route Established Through Smithville
Turnbow, John B. Family, Hard Times

Volume 7, Number 4

Anchor School District
Anchor School.
Graveyard Prank
Mail Robbery
Mt Pisgah or Baker School
Petition Prohibiting Liquor Sales in Smithville Area
Rudy, Dr. D. B. Family
Smithville-Imboden Star Route, Story of
Switchboard with a History

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