Lawrence County Historical Quarterly – 1985

Volume 8, Number 1

Mining in the Smithville Area
The Richardson Gin
Smithville String Band
Memories of the Annieville Picnic
Program at Oak Hill School in 1902
The J. V. Hendricks Family in Smithville 1897-1902
The Hendricks Family Moves Around

Volume 8, Number 2

Mr. Joseph Kuykendall
E. L. Gibson, M. D.
Examination Questions for Teachers 1891
Giddap! Gee!! Haw!!! Whoa!!!!
Cemetery Records for Sale
Loose Probate Papers

Volume 8, Number 3

James M. Davis
The Family of John Davis
Bustles in the Back
Mt Vernon School History

Volume 8, Number 4

Kuykendall and Stuart
Mrs. Pearl Tippit
Vanished Arkansas Towns
History of the Walnut Ridge Army Airfield

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